Lily of the Valley Organic Farms

La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines 2601

          The Lily of the Valley Organic Farms presents visitors a number of activities on the farm such as farm tours and lectures, camping, picnics, and organic produce picking.

           A coffee shop by the farm also offers organic snacks and drinks. Experience living on the farm with our homestay accommodations; savor home cooked meals and fresh organic vegetables.

          Organic meals made fresh from crops and herbs, fresh juices and arabica coffee are served in the home-based coffee shop located on the farm. The shop operates on pre-arranged requests for visiting families and groups.  Homestay, overnight camping and picnics are offered for visitors looking to experience farm life. The LOV Organic Farms is  an alternative destination and accommodation from the usual vacation spots around Baguio City.


"You have never been to La Trinidad if you have not visited the LOV Organic Farms"

"An alternative vacation spot away from the din of city life"

  "Fresh mountain air, clear and clean water, healthy food, and some peace and quiet"



Email:   [email protected] 

Contact number:   09206858281

**Prior arrangements needed (at least 1 day in advance for meals, visits and farm tours ----and 2 weeks prior for homestay and camping bookings). Much thanks!

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Lily of the Valley Organic Farms featured in Kris 'TV' and 'Biyahe ni Drew'