Lily of the Valley Organic Farms

La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines 2601

Accommodations and Services


Breakfast 1   P175

Kale omelet with fried herbed rice, organic vegetable side dish

 ** chopped kale, onions, tomatoes, green bell pepper, cream and cheese wrapped in an egg omelet; fried mountain rice mixed with herbs (rosemary and parsley); sauteed organic vegetable side dish

Breakfast 2   P175

Rosemary chicken with fried herbed rice, organic vegetable side dish

**chicken rubbed with rosemary herb pan-fried in butter or olive oil; fried mountain rice mixed with herbs (rosemary, parsley); sauteed organic vegetable side dish

Breakfast 3   P250

Kale omelet, rosemary chicken with fried herbed rice, organic vegetable side dish

Lunch/Dinner A     P250

Pan-grilled pork + pan grilled chicken (or fried tilapia); mountain rice; kale squash soup; organic vegetable side dish

Lunch/Dinner B (all in)    P350

Pan-grilled pork + pan-grilled chicken (or tilapia); mountain rice; kale-squash soup; organic vegetable side dish; spring rolls

You may also like:
Fresh organic vegetable salad  (good for 3 to 4 persons) 

Vegie Spring rolls (good for 4 persons) P150

Drinks P50 each
Arabica coffee 
Hot chocolate (Milo)
Holy Basil Tea with Honey
Lemon leaves Tea with honey

Alkaline Spring Water P25 per bottle
Kale smoothie P75 (wild honey, fresh organic kale, pineapple juice)

*Note: Reservations are required for meals



1 tent (sleeps up to 4 persons; complete beddings)

P 2,000.00 overnight

Bonfire - P1,000.00 for a group (complimentary mallows and hotdogs for roasting)

Meals range from P150 to P350. Please check the Menu above.

Prior arrangements/reservations needed; at least 1 day in advance for meals, visits/tours ----and 2 weeks prior for homestay and camping bookings.

**Bring your medications, medicines, vitamins (town is 15 minutes away from farm.  Also bring jackets, sweaters, caps/hats as the weather can get chilly especially in the evening and early in the morning.



Homestay Accommodation:      P1500/person

   **Inclusive of  4 Meals (2 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner served in 


   **Maximum: 20 persons

Dorm-type Accommodation:     P1300/person

   ** Inclusive of  4 Meals (2 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner served in


   ** Maximum: 30 persons


For Inquiries please contact:

Elisa V. Laruan, BSN, MSN (09206858281)

Before engaging in this program, one should do the following:

(to be submitted once the detox program starts)

     *Base-line weight

     *Base-line abdominal girth

    * Blood Pressure

     *Complete Blood Count

     *Blood Chemistry


1st Week:

     *Guided self-detox program to be given through email

2nd Week:

In House Detox Program

     *Client should stay at the LOV Organic Farm for 1 week

     *Client will undergo a program composed of organic raw       

        vegetables and organic vegetable juices and fruits.

     *Coffee Retention enema and cleansing enema will be 


3rd Week:

     *Guided self-detox program to be given through



(Organic Vegetables can be sent for pick-up at bus stations needed for the detox program; nearby

clients can pick up organic vegetables the LOV Organic Farm everyday)



3-Week Program w/ In House Detox Program

· P 30, 000 (Inclusive of Organic Vegetables and Homestay for 1 Week)


3-Week Detox Program (Stay-out)

· P25, 000 (Inclusive of Organic Vegetables only)



· 50% downpayment upon confirmation of detox program

· Remaining 50% during second week of detox Program



PACKAGE: Php 80, 000 only good for 100 Persons

Inclusive of:

· FREE Pre Nuptial Picture Taking at the LOV Organic Farms

· 10 Hrs. Holding Room

      **Bridal Room

      ** Groom’s Room

· 5 Hrs. Garden Venue

       1 Entrance Arch

       Flower Arrangement and Backdrop


       75-inch Screen for Photo Slideshow or Video

       Aisle Decoration (depending on the choice of the client)

· Complete Buffet Catering Set-up

       1 soup or Appetizer

       4 Main courses

       Mountain Rice

       Purified Spring Water

       Bottomless Iced Tea

       Overflowing Coffee

       Herbal Tea (as per request-Php50/order)


 Terms of Payment:

       50% Downpayment upon Final Arrangement/Booking

       Remaining 50% should be paid 2 days before the wedding date




Room Rates:

Kayman Room - P2,500.00 overnight (accommodates up to 6 


                             - 3 double beds; with Toilet & Bath (hot shower)

Anchong Room - P1,600.00 overnight (accommodates up to 4 


                              - 2 double beds; common T&B (hot shower)

Daruan Room - P1,400.00 overnight (2 single beds); common T & B 

                            (hot shower)

*** P250 per person for additional beds in all rooms

***Check in time : 2:00 pm/ Check out time 11:00 am the following day



Farm tours and lectures can be arranged with the LOV Organic Farms for a minimum fee.

Guests will be given a two-hour tour of the farm, hands-on demonstration, and lectures on organic farming and its practices.  Snacks and drinks follow at the coffee shop. 

Tour only: P100/ head (Entrance Fee)

Organic Farm Snapshot:   (P300 lecture fee for a group + P50/head entrance fee)

   **1 hour lecture, farm tour and demo; minimum of 5 persons)


2-DAY TRAINING (Min: 10 pax; Max: 25 pax)

· Training Fee: P 2,000.00/person

         *Inclusive of 2 Lunch Meals, 4 Snacks and Certificate of Training

· Accommodation and Meals can also be arranged during the training :

           Dorm-type Accommodation: P150/person

           Homestay Accommodation: P250/person

           Snacks: P50person/snack

           Meals: P100/person/meal


· Training Fee: P 8,000.00/person

· TOTAL PACKAGE: (Training Fee, Accommodation, Meals and Snacks)

               DORM TYPE ACCOMMODATION: P11,300/person

               HOMESTAY ACCOMMODATION: P11,900/person


· Training Fee: P11,000/person

· TOTAL PACKAGE: (Training Fee, Accommodation, Meals and Snacks)

                DORM TYPE ACCOMMODATION: P16,500/person

                HOMESTAY ACCOMMODATION: P17,500/person


(For 6– Day Training and 10-Day Training)

Inclusive of: Free Bonfire on the last day, Certificate




Youth Camps, Water Baptism, Recollection, Revivals

Max: 60 persons; Min: 20 persons


     Dorm-type: P150/person/night 

     Homestay: P250/person/night

     Food: P300 (3 Meals)