Lily of the Valley Organic Farms

La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines 2601

The Farm History   

The Lily of the Valley Organic Farms is an ancestral domain land tilled by the original owners for over five generations.  Much of the area before had been pasture and grazing land, planted mostly with camote and rice.      

After the Second World War, vegetables, root crops, legumes, and fruit trees gave the farm a livelihood. From the 1970’s-1980’s, cabbage, womboc, beans, coffee, strawberries, lemon and sayote were introduced to the farm.

By 1986, Mr. Jefferson Laruan has started farm operations on his own.  Realizing the need to practice an alternative way of farming from the traditional ways of using commercial fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, he began integrating cultural methods and using biodegradable inputs such as cow and horse dung and “sinadsad”. This practice was soon replaced by the updated technology on rapid composting.

He also started applying integrated pest management, intercropping, crop rotation, and fallowing which he learned since high school as a Vocational Agriculture student at the then Mountain State Agricultural College. This knowledge was further enhanced through his voracious reading of agriculture books and magazines and from attending the Farmers Field School under the Department of Agriculture.

In 2005, the farm was completely organic. Mr. Laruan now implemented entirely organic farming methods and practices to grow and produce crops, to plan, develop and maintain his farm.  It was also during this year that the Lily of the Valley Organic Farms was set up and officially affiliated with the La Trinidad Organic Practitioners Multi Purpose Cooperative (LATOP MPC).   High value upland crops such as salad greens, cauliflower and broccoli were then grown 100% organic. Other crops such as polonchai, bokchoy, cucumber, spinach as well as herbs such as mint, basil and parsley were added to the repertoire.

A composting shed, a multi-purpose hall and several greenhouses were then built on the farm premises. Farm development is a work in progress.

The LOV has since then branched out into other farm-related activities and businesses such as offering farm tours and lectures; opening a coffee shop by the farm; accepting guests for home stay; and, producing machine shredders for composting purposes. 

 Due to Mr. Laruan’s diligence and commitment to organic farming practices, the Lily of the Valley Organic Farm was accorded the highest rank of six stars under the organic farming standards of LATOP MPC.

Farm owner and proprietor, Mr. Jefferson Laruan, was the recipient of the award for the Cordillera Administrative Region's "Outstanding Organic Agriculture Farmer" of 2012 under the Gawad Saka program of the Department of Agriculture. 

His organic farm practices, leadership, and advocacy in organic farming, contribution to the community, the region and beyond---have been recognized as one of the moving forces contributing to the advancement

of organic farming.