Lily of the Valley Organic Farms

La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines 2601

Shredder Fabrication and Composting

The LOV Organic Farms produces grass shreders needed in the practice of organic farming. Electric and gas shredders can be custom-built to suit the needs of the farmer. Machines range from 3 horsepower to 5 horsepower.


The invention of the grass shredder was born out of a personal need to process bio-degradable materials for a large volume of organic fertilizer. There was a shortage of readily available organic fertilizer and the prices were excessively high. Moreover, the search for a suitable grass shredding machine yielded limited or no results and machines were likewise markedly high. Thus, the idea of making a grass shredder was started, and after much trial-and-error, a perfected product came out in 2002. The initial model was then used purposely to process bio-degradable materials for composting needs for an anthurium flower business. Eventually, bigger and stronger models were developed for processing compost materials for the entire farm.